About Sherwood House

Sherwood House, which was built over 150 years ago has been home to the Morton Family for 5 generations. During the Boer war  it was used as a military hospital and some say they can still hear voices from the past. We are thrilled that it will now be used as part of the experience to groom your son into adulthood.  

We have always held the vision of sharing the farm with others, allowing nature to play a major part in sculpting their lives. The Leadership Academy is a part of the realisation of our vision – something we have been planning for the past 5 years and something that we believe will service the youth of our country more now than before.   Your son will be sharing a dormitory other boys and will have free range of the 2 000 Ha on which he, in his free time,  can ride his own horse (or ours), bicycle, motorbike or take off for some trout fishing or a scenic trail run/hike. Alternatively, he will enjoy uncapped WiFi with which he can research any dreams he may have of internet-based careers and resources. 

 Since 1994 we have not allowed any chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides on the farm and in 2008 we decided that, as the owners of Sherwood Farm, we would embark on a journey of restoring and preserving the natural environment of Sherwood.