A Day In The Life

What To Expect

Our Academy offers a structured day for our young men. This is comprised of the following stations:  

 Daily Reflection / meditation

30 Minutes a morning of a dedicated spiritual, contemplative activity, which may include Yoga, reading and personal meditation techniques  

All round fitness   

A structured and personalised regime (weights / cardio / endurance) that allows for the monitoring of their fitness levels and strengthens them for the sports they enjoy

Practical Training in life skills that will include but not be limited to:
  • Animal husbandry (cattle, pigs, chickens…and tortoises) 
  • Propagation and growing of medicinal plants and vegetables in a nursery environment 
  • Building, plumbing, welding & general maintenance
  • Farm management 
  • Conservation & gunman ship
  • Vehicle maintenance  
Hearty lunch


Structured learning with Guest specialists and site visits that will cover the following :    
  • First aid
  • Business Management 
  • Community Development   
  • Marketing 
  • Writing and presentation skills 
  • Culinary skills
Individual studies using the world leading technologies of: 
  • Edex
  • Udemy
  • Coursera

This will allow them to complete the year with one or a number of a pre-agreed  qualifications 

Free time 
  • Recreational time to cycle, run, read, fish and relax 
Supper & time to kick back (with some homework assignments)