The Experience

What You Will Gain

We aim to offer your son a rounded and balanced experience; one that allows him to understand his abilities and resilience. Our focused areas include : 

Personal Development 

Our young men will be encouraged to continue with,  or embark on a new journey of self-discovery. We will assist in strengthening their individual belief systems and work with them in daily reflections, writings or meditations which may include yoga, Taekwondo or other recognised practices. 

We are also able to offer substitute leadership coaching by recognised professionals should this be requested      

Physical Development 

Each boy will be required to embark on a personal journey of physical development. At this stage of their growth, it is essential that they understand their physical potential and work towards maximising the opportunity of attaining optimal fitness. 

So, if your son loves long distance running, cycling, weight training or any other sport, we will customise their fitness programme to match their individual sport or skill in a measured and tracked weekly plan.

Entrepreneurial & Business Management

South Africa has seen many changes since the advent of democracy and the leadership of Sherwood has, since 1994, been an integral part of the policies and solutions that face our business / entrepreneurial landscape in crafting new opportunities and solutions for many start-up businesses. We have been training and supporting the Government, the private sector and our youth in finding creative means of sustaining an innovative approach to personal wealth creation and a broader benefit to the society of South Africa.

Equipping our boys to adapt and succeed in the New South Africa is a core ethos of the Sherwood Leadership Academy. 

We believe that this scenario creates an ideal space for our boys to explore unique opportunities and career choices. The teachers and coaches of the Academy have worked in this environment for many years and are keen to share their experiences and approaches to making the South African environment work in the favour of our young men.          

Personal Qualification

The way in which education qualifications have been made available on the internet means that with uncapped WiFi, a young man can select almost any course of his choice and, at his own pace, complete a globally recognised qualification.  

This is a key component of the daily activities and should your son not have selected a course, the Academy will guide and support him in enrolling on various courses as his interests are better understood.  

Community Development

Each young man will be required to adopt a community-based project with the neighbouring community of Egamalethu. This will entail weekly interaction for the duration of their stay and it will be for them to decide on what support they would like to offer. This could include any of the following (or others as they may decide): Extra subject tuition to the school children, sports coaching, small business support, community garden, adult education and so the list goes on.   

Practical life skills   

We will ensure that the boys develop practical skills in numerous disciplines including: 

  • Growing and cooking one’s own food
  • First aid 
  • Welding, plumbing and building 
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Survival and hunting skills 
  • Animal husbandry (cattle and poultry) 
  • Understanding and developing business plans
  • Assertiveness and Presentation skills
  • Conservation and farm management