The Community


The community of Egamalethu have lived and worked on Sherwood for many decades and we at Sherwood recognise the contribution they have made. Together we have worked the lands and shared many family events. The 60 families that have benefitted from the Land Reform project have been devastated by HIV/AIDS and we have lost many incredible friends along the way. 

We are looking to strengthen our support to this community and, in doing so, we will require each of our young men to identify a need within the community and find ways of addressing these. He will take this up as a project for the duration of his stay.   

This may include any of the following (or others that he may identify): 

    • Sports coaching (soccer, cricket, athletics)  
    • Extra curriculum coaching
    • Growing a food garden
    • Alternative energy solutions
    • Adult literacy
    • Local project funding and management