Welcome to Sherwood

The Sherwood Leadership Academy, set in KwaZulu Natal Midlands, the heartland of the Province’s Premier Educational area, has been established to offer boys a safe place to evolve from school leavers to men. 

Why choose Sherwood?

In a county in flux, where global and local circumstances are shifting rapidly, we believe that school leavers who are looking for direction and purpose need to be able to do so in a nurturing and yet real environment; a place where they can be tested and guided towards their strengths and passions, but also a place that offers unique approaches to the South African job market and the many entrepreneurial opportunities that South Africa – and indeed Africa – offers.

In a parallel and complementary process, our boys will be learning on a working farm that is establishing one of the country’s largest endangered medicinal plant nurseries that also has a beef herd, a truffle tree orchid, a rabbit farm,  and 2 000 Ha of indigenous grassland and forests. This canvas of nature will provide your son with a safe and challenging place to grow and test his own abilities and, with our guidance and support, it will craft him into a competent and skilled young man, looking forward to his adult life with confidence.

Over and above the daily experiences set out above, we will assist each of our boys to select and register for an online qualification (for which we will offer support) during their stay. This learning will form a part of our structured daily programmes and will allow them to obtain a recognised qualification in their area of interest during what we believe will be a memorable, enjoyable and rewarding gap year.